Major Domestic Appliance Repair

  • Refrigerators

    There is never a convenient time to deal with a broken refrigerator. If you notice excessive frost build up or a leaky hose, call DIGIMAN South Africa
  • Freezers

    Freezers are used every day, making proper orientation vital to keeping food fresh. From damaged door seals to inconsistent temperatures, we handle it all.
  • Dishwashers

    When dishes are consistently cloudy or still dirty after a cycle, dishwasher repair or service is needed. We can help prevent ineffective wash cycles and damaging leaks.
  • Ovens, Stove Tops, & Ranges

    Issues with these appliances can include burners not turning on, failure to heat to the right temperature, and a damaged self-cleaning function.
  • Ice Machines

    Common issues associated with ice machines are clogged water filters and slow cube
  • Microwave

    If you are experiencing an issue with your microwave, give us a call for top-notch service from the qualified technicians at DIGIMAN. We understand that a broken microwave is an inconvenience in your busy life, and we want to help diagnose the problem as quickly as possible.
  • Laundry Appliances

    Our team understands how important it is make sure your laundry room appliances running efficiently at all times. Problems with laundry appliances can cost you time and money, adding more stress to all that you already have to do.
  • DIGIMAN - Appliance Experts

Repairs & Services to ALL Appliance Brands

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